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Thomas Stanton and His Descendants

Stanton book title pageThis book, written in 1891, is often referred to as the Bible of Stanton genealogy. It contains many of the descendants of Thomas up through the later 1800s. It is the first place to look when encountering a question of the lineage of Stantons from 1616 to the 1800s. There are over 1,000 names cited.

Stanton Genealogy Database

Over a period of more than two decades, Brian Bonner has compiled a database of Stantons and related families with over ten thousand names. For the most part, the data therein are consistent with information in the 1891 book. In addition, he has added documentation and many names, bringing the data further forward in time. This Herculean effort is a very valuable resource to Stanton researchers. You can search the database now or read about its history

Other sources

Bernard Stanton published 37 newsletters with a great deal of Stanton family history. At some future time it is hoped we will be able to provide past issues to members of The Thomas Stanton Society. Ongoing issues of the newsletter are sent to members of The Thomas Stanton Society. Click here to read a sample.

Genealogy Disclaimer

Our focus on this web site is on Thomas's descendants in America. Although Thomas's origins in England are extremely interesting and sometimes even controversial, we make no attempt at refereeing genealogy disputes. That is not in the spirit of this web site. Users should consult their own sources to verify genealogy information.


Who, What Where...
It is great fun to discover your ancestors of long ago. Who were they? What did they do? Where did they live? Where is their final resting place? What public records or photos might exist that tells us more about whom they were? What was happening in their world at the time of their lives? It is also fun to share your discoveries with your living cousins who are enjoying a similar quest.
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