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Stanton Reunion and Annual Meeting

(What are reunions like? Read the write-up of the 2016 reunion held July 26-30, 2016.)

New Facebook Page

A new Facebook Page has been created for Thomas Stanton members and friends to interact and communicate. Access is free based on invitation and can be obtained by contacting the President ( of The Thomas Stanton Society and providing your email address.

Communication Improvement

The Thomas Stanton Society is moving toward more computer facilitated communication. It is hoped this will bring our members closer together. It will also allow those considering membership to reach us more easily. We encourage all Society members and prospective members to send their email addresses to the President (

Our Thomas Stanton Society Newsletter

Our recent newsletter is only available to Thomas Stanton Society members who are current with their dues. It is mailed periodically. A sample of a past newsletter is here.  


Do you have news to share with us?  Or would you like to receive our newsletter?  Please feel free to contact us.
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