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Welcome to the new website for The Thomas Stanton Society. We are here with a new look and hoping to connect and find more of our cousins. In the recent past we have not been too visible online, and we hope our new presence here will allow you descendants of Thomas Stanton of CT to find us and become familiar with our organization.

Our organization was founded in the 1990s by a small group who wanted to honor Thomas Stanton and study their colonial heritage.  They also wanted to connect with their far-flung cousins who shared that same heritage.  This has been accomplished through several family reunions and through a periodic newsletter where family information is shared. 

With today’s technology our goal is to enhance that effort, both socially and with the increased sharing of information obtained by various family members. The Stantons are fortunate that much of our early American history was captured in a book by Dr. William A. Stanton called  “A Record, Genealogical, Biographical, Statistical, of Thomas Stanton of Connecticut, and his Descendants, 1635-1891”.  Many of us will find our grandfather’s and great grandfather’s names in this book with their lineage traced back to Thomas.  This book is usually the starting point for any of us trying to find a connection to others in the family.

As we look forward to some of the new challenges for our organization we see several priorities.

  1. We hope to reach out and communicate with more people through effective use of computer technology.
  2. We hope to instill a love for family history in our young people.
  3. We will support and help The Stanton Davis Homestead Museum  (a separate organization) in the pursuit of its goals.


Please explore this website for more information regarding The Thomas Stanton Society. We hope you will enjoy it and will find it useful and informative.  If you do not find the information you require here, please feel free to contact us



If you believe you might be a descendant of Thomas Stanton I think you will find the tools on this website to find out. Check out our Genealogy section and you might find out. We would love to have new members join in our family community. Applications are available online. 





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