YIP Tours

...where no trip is too far, no discount is too deep!

 There isn't any replacement for the personal attention afforded YIP Tours participants. From the one-on-one trip planning, to the unique adventures of the moment, to the shopping visits to woodcarvers in every part of the World, it is an experience not soon forgotten.


Coming soon...
  •  Scotland - the border counties

 When people talk about their YIP Tour experience the eyelids flutter, the eyes seem to see some distant place, and the incomparable memories pour out.

We aren't for everyone. 

We can work with you on your private itinerary or you may apply to join one of the established YIP Tour communities. These private communities of interest appeal to select individuals interested in provocative, stimulating, cultural explorations. Although the membership lists are private, from time to time the rolls are opened and new members are proposed.

 Contact us for information.

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